How to find women worth dating.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but a lot of them are flounders (or worse — ever seen skate? Those things are effing nasty). It’s not like you can wade into the dating pool, drop your pants and instantly hook a hot mermaid (and not just because mermaids don’t exist). No, finding a human female is the way to go for most guys (and some girls).

Even though there’s no shortage of estrogen-sapiens, women are still very much in demand. As a result, it’s still a seller’s market out there.

Yet, provided you’re not in prison, finding a woman isn’t too hard — about 50% of the humans stumbling around this planet are female, maybe more. And according to popular belief, you’ll meet approximately 1,000 of these women over the course of your lifetime. While that may not seem like a lot, if they all came over to your house, you wouldn’t have enough beer to get them drunk.

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Obviously, the trick isn’t finding chicks, it’s finding the quality ones. And realistically, you have to assume that at least half of the ones you meet over your lifetime will be either fat, ugly or both, so right there, you’re down to just 500. Knock off another 100 freaks and weirdos who you wouldn’t fuck with someone else’s dick, and your prospects suddenly aren’t looking so good. Then there’s the bitches, the lesbians, the religious nuts and the female members of your family (sorry, they’re off-limits, Bubba). Pretty soon, you’re looking at a pretty fucking small pool of available tail — roughly around, let’s say, 300ish.


That’s still a lot of pussy, for sure. But the odds are, you won’t nail them all. You may not even meet them all. With women working late then heading home to watch “Sex and The City” reruns on TV instead of going out, you’ll have damn few chances. And that makes identifying the right kind of woman to go home and watch crappy TV with that much more important.

So let’s look at your options for finding, meeting and dating your 300 women. Or, failing that, at least having sex with as many of them as possible.

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I knew a manwhore once that claimed to have slept with over 300 women. I actually believe him because in the time I was his housemate he had a different girlyfriend each night. Went for a swim once just outside the apartment. Got head. Fucked his own boss. Clubbing most nights. Funniest thing tho when Valentine day came around haha..

I am interested to date an African American woman, who lives in the Bronx section of New York City, who has a thin stomach, who weighs 125 pounds or less, who is in the age range of 18 years old to 29 years old, who wears a tramp stamp tatoo on her lower back. I have no interest in dating a woman who is a virgin. How can I meet an African American woman like the one I have descibed to date?

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