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Buy Relationshit’s “Guide To Girls” before you’re too old and ugly to need it.

Most dating advice books out there are crap — mostly written by women, for women. The few that aren’t are written by boring psychologists or “sensitive” losers. They’re books meant to be read while weeping softly in the fetal position. This book, on the other hand, was written to be read on the toilet after seven beers and a damn steak dinner. Read more »

Testimonials for Relationshit.com

As evidence that reading this site isn't a complete and total waste of your time (or more importantly, ours), here’s some unsolicited shit that visitors have posted about how fucking great

The Breakup Survey

Depressed? Don't wanna leave the house? Great, then you've got time to fill out our survey! Just tell us about yourself, your situation and the hell-spawn you dated. Read more »

Other shit

This is where you'll find hyperlinks to other, more life-altering information and insight on the Relationshit™ website that’s not otherwise available elsewhere on this site. Think of it as sort of a…uh, Table Of Contents of…well, other contents. You know, as if you couldn't figure all that shit out your damn self. Read more »

Privacy policy?

It’s pretty simple actually. We don’t really have one... Well, not officially. (Have any idea how much lawyers charge for that kind of thing? Hell, we can’t even afford my brother...) But here’s the gist of what passes for our “policy.” Read more »

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