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      This is an antidote to bitching about guys that have fucked you around. It’ll never ever stop so take the power back. Go on tinder or some app like that and be a TINDERELLA, ie. leave before midnight and be hard to find. NOTE: don’t do this to nice guys, they must be respected at all costs. Men do this shit everyday, except they choose to use nice girls they already know because they don’t have the pulling power to get a lot of hot women. We CAN get a lot of hot men. It’s very easy, there are TONNES of good looking slutty men out there for the taking. So just take em, use em, it’s a victimless crime. As long as you don’t feel like the victim. You will notice how the guys you do the fuck-n-go thing on will contact you again. This will make you feel better but DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. They’re just players, don’t fool yourself that they want a relationship. If you don’t like the stranger danger aspect, fair point, it’s a huge scarey issue. And it’s bizarre how sex pests sabotage NSA sex for the rest of the male population but they’re not doing anything about it. Anyway, find someone to do some bondage sexting with, don’t do pussy shots, do discipline. It’s safe and extremely well received. If this all feels and sounds bad, then don’t. Go find a nice guy. Simple

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