Confusing FWB or whatever it is.

Okay so I met this guy through a friend last year what we agreed to was no feelings just sex. I was okay with the idea because I literally just got divorced at that time.

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      Okay so I met this guy through a friend last year what we agreed to was no feelings just sex. I was okay with the idea because I literally just got divorced at that time. So he got down my number I’m thinking I won’t hear from this guy until he wants it again. The very next day he texts. I was surprised asking how I was doing and everything. I thought it was odd but harmless. So we talked for a good two weeks then he disappeared. *Poof* then randomly four days later he texts saying he’s back with his ex or girlfriend so obviously we cant talk. Well Wtf are you supposed to say to that? Really I ignored it like whatevs. Nothing serious. So about 3 weeks later I get a text saying it was him and wanted to see how I’m doing? I’m like um I’m good. Lol we talked like normal. I waited to see him in person. And asked so umm are you still with your ex. He’s like hell no she’s a crazy bitch. I’m like okay. So after we had sex, it’s strange I really enjoy the sex we have he says he does too. So weeks go by again we are always together and talking so I wanted to know well I’m here all the time and wanted to see if we were going anywhere.. like relationship. He said “I’m not looking for a relationship right now”. I told him I’m not either. Not gonna lie the idea to me wasn’t bad. But yeah so a week in a half later I finally saw him again. I met his dad…. I have no idea why?. It didn’t make sense. He just say hey dad this is…… My name. I shook his hand then he was talking to his dad. So afterwards he’s dad left to work. He started to ask if I wanted to go out of town with him and his dad. I said sure I’m down to go. I really didn’t mind. So he flaked and disappeared. No trip out of town. I didn’t want to bug we weren’t dating. A few weeks later we talked. Then he disappeared. A few more weeks he Texted as if he never was gone. I didn’t really care. Then he disappeared for a month then randomly Texted me and we saw each other a few weeks after that. We had sex , and when we have sex I stay the night there until he goes to work I go home he tells me I can stay there but Idk what to do there. So I don’t. Then he disappears again for a month. I have a friend that started dating his friend she told me his friend said he went back with his ex. It bothered me little but I didn’t care. Then two months pass by he texts me several days before his birthday. Then asked if I wanted to go camping with him my friend and her boyfriend. I didn’t want to go because that seemed weird. Like we aren’t together but we are going with a couple. So I said I was busy. They tried again the next weekend and I said no. I told him I was bothered about the whole fwb thing we have and I don’t want to get involved with him if he’s gonna disappear. He said he wasn’t so Idk I believe people unless they give me a reason not to. I’m a forgiving person, so we talked everyday for a few weeks. And that was different and we hung out and didn’t have sex it seemed different then on my birthday he came by after work and surprised me with flowers and a cute meaningful card. I appreciated it so much. So my friends told me fwb don’t give you flowers for your birthday. I told them he was just being nice and it was my birthday. So I asked him because they started putting more things in my head and he says again “I’m not looking for a relationship right now, and I’m not gonna disappear”. So I already knew that. So I felt foolish to ask but I was curious. So an hour later he asked if I wanted to come by so I did. We had sex. Left the morning because he went to work. So we talk everyday then a week in half later he disappeared. I was over thinking and assumed the worst so I Texted him two days later he explained he had car trouble and I was over thinking. I felt better, 3 days later I saw him and we had sex. Then he disappeared again the same day as last week. Like we would text and then *POOF* so I’m thinking he’s just busy so I would text once a day since he stopped texting nothing so yesterday I tried calling and nothing so I Texted one last time am I bugging? Let me know it’s starting to seem that way. And nothing. I’m assuming he went back to his ex …. Again. So I would like honest opinions on what I should do? Nothing hurts my feelings no need to call me names though. Like if he tries to text me randomly again what do I say? Because I actually started to have feelings for him. :/ HELP.

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      It seems like every time you have sex with him he disappears. With the amount of bouncing back and forth he does with his ex, I would say cut him loose. Especially, if your feelings are getting tangled up in it. There’s no sense in dragging yourself through it again and again.

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      Again why women cant be trusted.
      Mutual agreement,right?
      Nothing serious,just sex with no attachments but oh no attachments everywhere anyway.Just be honest with the guy and say lose your wife or other girl so we can be exclusive because i am a clingy and possesive cunt.Then when he stupidly does or hopefully lies about doing it,you can then back off yourself and start dating others after you have significantly fucked his life up.
      Sound about right you supposed level playing cunt?

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      Gawd.. reading that letter is like a hammer to the head. Why do we women pine …???????????? Why can’t we just be and stop living every second for the males to our own embarrassment and shame..? This woman lied to herself the whole time. Why..??
      If you can’t hack the way the guy is acting… why don’t you kick his ass to the curb IMMEDIATELY..?? Why take his endless shit..???????
      women are clingy. women are needy. women are stupid.
      GAWD…!!!!! Can we all just grow a pair..????????????

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