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      Just broke things off with girl of two years…is it bad that i’m thinking about all the excess money i’ll have to buy computer parts? I’m legitimately finding it hard to determine whether i’m just a total asshole, or whether i was just soooo FUCKING tired of hearing about how i need to change everything from A to Z for her that it caused me to sub-consciously disconnect myself from her.

      -She tried to tell me what i could and could not major in.
      -She insisted that I get up at 8:00 AM every morning, even though i dont have class ’till noon!
      -She never let me choose what to watch, or do for that matter..and when i did make it clear that i wanted to choose, she let a long hard guilt trip fuck my world up.
      -She insisted that I cut things off with my friends because they’re; “dumbasses” which, they are…but they’re also fucking hilarious, and it’s not like they’re hurting anything, or effecting us, it’s just her starting shit with my friends 24/7, At one point she even threatened to leave me if i didn’t tell one of my friends we could hang out anymore.
      -She got pissed at me whenever i started rethinking my major, so i wasn’t able to talk to her about it..and then she flipped out on me for not telling her about it.
      -She comes from a family with no respect for she’s fucked in the head in that respect, even going on about how she ran down a raccoon with her fucking car, i mean WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! if you think that’s fucked up, she told me her father and her use to bash kittens with a board, because; “they couldn’t afford to let the cats repopulate, i mean CHRIST, give them to a shelter!?!? PEOPLE GENUINELY ENJOY KITTENS, so why the fuck WOULDN’T you take them to a shelter?!
      -they’re also super fucking conservative, to the point that global warming is a myth and Obama is a Muslim, in retrospect im glad i ended things before i went on a liberal tirade.
      -She can’t be wrong, she’s hyper intelligent and she knows it, so she’s also super fucking condescending..when i do prove to her that she is in the wrong, she cant admit it without making me feel like a total cocksucker for saying so!
      -She insults me and cuts at my pride if she deems it necessary, and does so with not an ounce of remorse.
      -She also bites, pinches and a MOTHER FUCKER?

      Yes, there are good times, like our wonderful hour long cuddling sessions..and the sex(which stopped like four months ago, and i even let it go! because she said she felt guilty..i was even cool about it! like, a fucking super boyfriend.) //end mini-rant)
      We also enjoy the same things like fantasy and anime
      she’s absolutely wonderful while she’s happy, it’s like heaven…
      just happier when she’s around..

      my underlying problem is that i still feel like i might regret it down the road…and i feel like a douche, even though she puts me through all that bad shit. i just..anyone else on remotely the same page?

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      stand up for yourself mangina! cant you see this girls family has raised a narcissist? damaged goods bro.. bothe of you. here is what you do. try to make her cry, never look at her, call her, or talk shit to friends again.

      be just a friend (no sex) to a new girl for two years and see what kind of hitler psychos they are. new girl will try and fuck you. new girl will use you to make her man jealous. new girl will do some pathetic shit. sad girls

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      It didn’t sound like the good outweighed the bad. I know you think you made a mistake dumping her, but the truth is, the mistake was putting up with her shit for so long. It’s hard to hear that, and even harder to accept it, but it’s true. I know it is, I’ve gone through almost exactly the same thing you have.

      Even though I found out she cheated on me, and confronted her about it, we stayed together for a while. She was such a hypocrite; cursing her bff’s boyfriend for cheating and then acting innocent to me like her cheating was ok. Looking back on it, I should’ve tossed all her stuff out that instant, and her with it.

      Luckily, I have very good friends. Friends who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. A week after the break-up, a friend confessed to me about the time my ex bitched about getting picked up at the airport by him, instead of me. Because I had soccer practice at that time, and she knew it. She even bitched about me being selfish and lazy because I couldn’t drive her. He offered to drop her off at practice so he didn’t have to listen to her two-faced whining, and she shut up. She never did thank my friend for doing her a huge favor. That’s when I realized how cruel and heartless that bitch really was, and how pointless it was to allow her another second of my attention. I put it behind me and moved on with my life and I’m proud to say, I’m doing better than she is. She cheated on her next boyfriend, got pregnant, and the dude kicked her out. She tried to stay with the guy she cheated with, and he too kicked her out so the girl he was sleeping with could move in.

      I hope you realize your potential and use it to your advantage, instead of wasting one more thought or breath on your ex. Don’t focus on that crap. Focus on your own life and self, instead. You deserve it. After all, living a better life than your enemies is the best kind of revenge.

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