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      I was in relationship with my ex but we broke up and got into some stuff and is having some mental problem i got him back I did what i could to help him but he was getting worse so He went back to his parents house. I was wreck for years his uncle by his step mum contact me to help me with him his step mum gave me him my number. I went thru a hard time trying get over him. The uncle really help me a bit before he lost his mum, we were talking and really supporting each other. My ex was getting better i couldn’t be with him anymore my decision. The uncle and I started getting close but we never had anything never see each other. From months to years now 4years we kinda fell in love. Trust and I can say it is a deep connection. Out of nowhere my ex text me on Facebook he wants us back. I got scared and after two nights I texted them both to tell them no i cant be with either one of you I need time to be with myself. Now the uncle and I didn’t stop talking thu after all he was a really good friend of mine, we have a strong connection. After months thinking about it i finally have a closure . I make it clear that I love him and wanted to be with him. He said no he cant give back again because i played with his heart and hurt him bc my ex text me. Now Im surely lost I don’t know what to do?? Should I fight and showed him he can trust again and let me in? Or should I just let it be ? Pleaseee help I book a ticket to go see him but Should I go or cancel everything?

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