Full of himself!

My ex was so full of himself!

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      My ex was so full of himself! He thought he was so intelligent and unique – he always enjoyed “impressing” people with his esoteric knowledge of totally inconsequential bullshit – like obscure heavy metal bands, and some Scandinavian words he knew…Who gives a flying f*ck if you know how to say “horse shit” in Norwegian?! Or that your favourite band is from an Icelandic town? It doesn’t make you smarter than anyone else! But he thought he was hot sh*t…
      He was a freakin’ PEACOCK!

      The worst was how I fell for him. I was vulnerable. I had struggled with depression, and led a very isolated life until I met him. My self-esteem was virtually nonexistent….and he fed off of that – he showed care and even compassion at the beginning. Sadly, I became needy and clingy (I’ve since worked on those issues!)….and then he became distant, cold, showed zero empathy, and started flirting with women online while I was barely functional in a deep depression. Since I couldn’t give him attention at that time, he just had to seek it out elsewhere!
      He finally ended up dumping me (but first, he had to string me around, confusing the hell out of me), and I was a total mess afterwards.

      But that was years ago, and now I look back and can’t believe I stayed in that dysfunctional relationship with someone so arrogant and callous. Good riddance!

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