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      I dunno why, I have a BaD attitude toward men. I never have boyfriend in my life. Just someone comes and goes. It seems like everytime i try falls apart. I’m foreigner. I came to US just a couple years ago. I met this American dude. He was so caring, nice & everything. We went out very short time,then he disappeared for a whole damn month. No phone call, and anything. I feel hurt badly. I went back to my country ‘cuz i couldn’t take it no more. I try to pursue him through e-mail off and on for a year. Sometimes he mailed me back and said he was still thinking about me a lot. I fall for that shit all the time. I think I’m obsessed with him some reasons. He was my first love. A couple months ago,

      i mailed him and said that I wish the best and let him go. After 4 months, he mailed me back ….and said things like ” he miss me so much and wanna see me again. I’m sick & tired of this shit “cuz i always give him a chance and he isn’t willing to do everything for me. So I mailed him back and said….thanks !!! I already moved on. 😆 I feel hella good that I’m out for that BullShit.

      Peace Out ..Homies !!! Well…I’m back to US for GOOOOOOD…he he

      Do ya guys think I did the right thing?? YEAH !!!!

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      Yes you did the right thing. Stay away from that jerk. It may not necessarily be that you have a bad attitude towards men, but that you just haven’t found one you care about enough to call your boyfriend. If someone is “thinking about you” and cares about you, they will call, email or do whatever they need to do, to get ahold of you. Not send you a letter after 4 months.

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      courtney c-love duke

      I was with this guy over a year then we run togather, went to Tallapoosa jail togather,transported to another jail togather, I got out cause my bond got made an he sent me a postcard sayin sorry…no hard feelings… I’m going back to my wife who he was suppose to be divoriced from all ready. man W T F. I so love this guy an truly thought he loved me. crazy sounding I already know.

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