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      Ok so my recent ex reached out to me after me ignoring him for almost a year, he reached out to me saying I’m the only one who understands him and that he needs me to be his friend…blah..blah. Anyway I let him get to me and I felt bad for him and I listen and I told him ok I’ll be your friend. Anyway so I told him we are just friends so lets keep it at a friendship level that;s all nothing more. I don’t wanna talk about if I still love you or you love me or anythimg that relates to a realtionship. He agreed and things were ok and then one night he starts kissing me holding me and yes things happen. It was wried because it was very tense and emotional between us I could feel the love between us. Yes I do still have feelings for him alittle. But I do not want to be with him, anyway after that night we saw each other almost everyday and there was allot of effection. He referred to me as hes girl and talked like if we were together. It felt so good I honestly forgot about what I had tols him about the friend thing and I found myself caught up in my feelings. Then it all changed no more hugging kissing, things felt different and he referred to me as his friend. Just like that it just chnaged, I was alittle hurt and mad. I felt like he was playing with my head. Like why did he do that? I mean doesn’t care about me as a person a friend, we do have mager history we go back like almost 10 yrs. But thats a awhole other story, anyway so I want to ask him about this but when I think about it I get emotional and I know if I try to talk to him I’ll get emotional and I really don’t want him to see or know how vulnerable I am. Then I think maybe I should just make something up and cut him off once and for all.
      Any advice???

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