Ok, I’ve been married for almost 8 months. We don’t get along. He says that I don’t trust him. But, all he does is play on fb and look up porn sites all of the time.

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      Ok, I’ve been married for almost 8 months. We don’t get along. He says that I don’t trust him. But, all he does is play on fb and look up porn sites all of the time. Now, he deletes all search history, and refuses to let me on the phone. I’m not allowed on the computer at all when he is home. He insists on checking the mail all of the time. Doesn’t want me to do it. He says that he is faithful to me, and would never leave me. I just need to know what I should do. I’m really getting very upset by all this. Don’t know what I should do. He never pays attention to me. When he does, it’s just negative attention. We rarely have any sex. We don’t even cuddle, kiss, hold hands or any of that stuff. He lies about how much he’s getting paid on his paycheck. So, then I have to go and make up the bills and pay for everything, therefore, making me and my children struggle to get by. I’ve about had enough. I love him. But, when is enough enough? Been in a relationship with him off and on for over 20 years. Have a history with him. Couldn’t bare for him to be with someone else. He refuses to let me do anything I want to on my day off, but does whatever he wants. Makes me pay for everything he wants, and/ or needs, but when I ask him for something he either doesn’t or he acts like it’s going to kill him to do something for me.

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      You’re being abused by a control freak. My question is, do you honestly believe that your children deserve a mother who can’t get breathing space in her own life just because of her domineering husband? Get out of that marriage. NOW.

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        Not gonna sugar coat this, WTF are you thinking? This is NOT going to work out; it’s totally one-sided and will only keep getting worse. I know you cannot possibly imagine how it could be worse, but it will until you lose your fucking mind. You are with a misogynist control freak. Many of us have done it. Those of us giving hard core advice like this had to learn the hard way. No reason you should, too! Just cuz you might have tolerable sex once in awhile and maybe he treats you acceptable on rare occasion does not mean stay and suck it up! He can go jack off and you can be alone and be happy. You are setting an example for your kids! Fuck that shit! It IS abuse, no way to candy coat THAT shit. Sorry. You will look back on him one day and not want to put his burning ass out even if he were on fire. He sounds like an immature, insecure psycho. He is overcompensating by taking his lack of maturity and self-worth out on you. Fuck him. You and your kids deserve better.

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      Couples counseling if you BOTH want to try and make it work — Or divorce. Both are financially tough but I would rather be happy than be miserable. Men listen to women who are emotionally strong so speak to him in a calm and serious tone, and whatever happens do not lose your cool. Tell him you need him to listen to you and if he wants to make this work then he will go and see a couples therapist with you — otherwise you just don’t see it going anywhere. And if he says that you both can work on this without “added help” then simply deny because he needs someone else to open his eyes to his wrongdoings. He doesn’t take you seriously for some reason….maybe he doesn’t have much respect for women and kinda old fashioned.

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      and you married this guy why? Didnt you get the signs that he is/was completely insane? If not, please get out. Sounds like a selfish cheating asshole. Sorry girl.

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