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      Hello there.

      Just the other night I went to a Christmas party. After a year or so of low confidence, I had gradually rebuilt it, and I have to say it does get me far. Or at least I think anyway.

      During this night I made several clumsy attempts (the old ‘Dutch Courage’ scenario) to ask someone out, mostly familiar but not friendly faces. However, when I go up to them and start talking, even if it doesn’t imply asking them out, they just talk for only two seconds and leave sniggering behind my back as if I was some kind of weirdo. Sometimes I get the feeling that they laugh just looking at me. When I introduce myself, they smile back fakely and go off with their friends or start grinding on some ‘player’.

      There was one girl who was particularly rude. I had danced with her earlier because she was one of the group of friends I was with. But I went up to her to say ‘hi’, she looked at me funny and dived further into her dancing friends, and held on to her friends’ hand as if she needed protection from me.

      I tried to put everything that happened that night into perspective, maybe it wasn’t how it looked. Anyway, all the girls I liked were taken. 😥

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      Honey no worry, and do not try to blame it on your self esteem.

      It’s just the way girls and young women here in US, whoever you make an attempt on and trying to be nice, and trying to start up a normal conversation they think it’s stalking.

      I know weird, which is more weird that they where kind of acquainted with you. But life is life, trust me I am sure there are nothing wrong with you, and it’s great that you have courage to approach people. Because man suppose to be still man, and maybe there will be a lot of times that you will here no, but keep your attempts and positive attitude. And they will be time when you will meet someone and both of you will show mutual interest. Some pervasiveness is good too, doesn’t matter what we are women saying, but we like when man go after us.

      Good luck!

      Truly Lady/Devil best of both worlds

      😉 ❓ 😈

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      Dude. I totally give you credit for being able to actually [i]approach[/i] women. It’s difficult. As a matter of fact, I have given up!

      It’s like this man. You are probably a really nice, good lookin guy. But women dont care.

      They just dont care!

      Please, for my sake, dont give up like I have. Stay confident. Be a gentleman. Eat with your mouth closed. And you should be just fine.

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      Don’t let it get you down bro. Chicks are odd about being approached when they are with a group of other girl friends. What’s good about it is that you had enough confidence to go out that and say “Hi”. That is FREAKIN AWESOME! Don’t let that confidence slip because of a few snobby bitches. The chick blew you off… who the hell cares? You certainly shouldn’t. She missed out on a great opportunity…getting to know you…that’s her lose, not yours. So, when rejection hits..just remember that she missed out and you can move on to the next. 😉

      Just my .02

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      Yojimbo Fandango

      I have learned that women don’t actually really want men for anything other than to provide things for them. What women really seem to want is to have pets. I don’t think we should be concerned about it either, because if there ever is a population shortage, women will instantly revert to wanting a man for family purposes. We have created a world that makes us redundant and superfluous.

      BTW: If you happen to have a woman that you want to stay with, act like a pet. Convince her you are helpless and need her. Oh and by the way, if you do, then you aren’t a man. 🙂

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