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Okay, so we came to a conclusion that this is the point in human history where we came face to face with our own manliness and our time to rationalize this whole battle of the sexes thing, now more th

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      Okay, so we came to a conclusion that this is the point in human history where we came face to face with our own manliness and our time to rationalize this whole battle of the sexes thing, now more than ever we are able to do this. Women are emancipated(poorly) and guys are just… guys, plain ole same as ever, just dudes. So let the clash of the puny little insignificant, but beautiful creatures commence.
      So, I presume 90% of the readers are the people who have been stepped upon, humiliated, disappointed, hurt and just plain pissed off. Gentlemen, while I feel your pain DEEPLY and know how much you need to, and actually should bash on the women who are acting like douches, you should now that there’s only one person to be blamed – You. Just go to the mirror and there you are, you did it to yourself. Not because you are too nice, or too big macho asshole, because you didn’t listen to the tiny voice there, just plainly whispering that there’s something seriously wrong with your relationship or the person you’re dating.
      Ladies today, as dudes of course are just too damn creepy. I mean look outside, yes actually look, there are kids there dressed as fucking hookers, and it’s all beginning to look normal and socially acceptable. I mean there are just too many girls and women out there that don’t respect themselves at all, but in the same time, don’t look at it as you do… and yes if you’re dressing like a prostitute, you’re going to be treated as one. Sorry ladies, that’s just the way it is. You cannot go around shaking your ass like a fucking chimpanzee and expect to find yourself a normal guy that’s not going to treat you like a fucking animal. These chicks have problems gentlemen and your behavior is rewarding these women, by actually approaching these women and courting them you’re encouraging them to act like this. Yes folks, we all made the world what it is, by our action and inaction. This is the best we can do. This is what we made the world today to be. On evolutionary ladder we went down.
      As for the relationships… guys, there are so many just unhappy men out there. Just plain sad people that have been hurt so many times, they’re just unrecognizable shells of people they used to be, because they didn’t listen to themselves on time. Gentlemen, I implore you, if you’re the nice guy, listen to your instincts, there’s a whole lot of things going on in your body… processes that you aren’t aware of, and they function much better than you think, and you must trust these feelings. Don’t delude yourself that she’s NOT A SLUT, when your gut tells you otherwise. Do not delude yourself when she’s telling you that: “You are a part of her.” and ” You are the best man they ever had” when she’s actually flirting with men on every step and every time she goes out comes back with 10 more phone numbers. Don’ delude yourself that SHE WILL CHANGE. Don’t convince yourself and don’t let yourself be convinced that she loves you when all the signs point otherwise. Respect the actions, cause words ain’t worth shit in a relationship. Don’t buy into the bullshit that they often say about how their ex boyfriends are really just good friends no. Just please listen to yourselves and your gut feelings. There are really girls out there that are just plain cool, and they can be pretty and smart too. Just kinda keep looking for them. And to the bad guys I can only say thanks dudes, your service to the male community is invaluable. You have helped us determine whether or not the girls are total whores or not, for many years now. Keep testing them and keep up the good work.
      Keep yourself happy at any cost… really don’t rush in with some tart just because she’s available at the moment take some time to know her, the more time passes the better, seriously. You’re investing, you shouldn’t be taking any chances at being hurt again. If you do find out that you’re mistaken along the way, you have to be prepared to leave immediately. Like the second you start having doubts and start thinking about what you’ve done wrong(when actually there’s no apparent reason you’ve done anything bad) hit the road and don’t look back. You all deserve a nice lady and one day you’ll have her. Bless you all…

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      A girl who’s not a slut, is only a myth that you find in fairy tales, a friend of mine — a fuckin bastard who treated women like crap — got pussy every time he went out, and he said and I believe him now: All girls have a slut inside, they want to be chased but they will never take the guy who chases and treats them nice, instead they will want the guy who doesn’t give a fuck about them and they have to chase him

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