Rant on being dumped and lessons learnt

Shit 23 jan – He dumped me over the phone, meaning heart is willing to cut me off so easily.

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      Shit 23 jan – He dumped me over the phone, meaning heart is willing to cut me off so easily.
      – He dumped me & made that decision without talking it through with me first. I had no chance of redemption.
      -When I cried in front of him when i was hurt he didn’t seem sorry at all and not comforting I think he has no compassion for me.
      -He treated me cold for a month. No sweetie honey etc. didn’t say he missed me. Says he was “unsure”? What a crock.
      -He blames too much work and career focus for the main reason he cant commit which is a piss excuse to not look bad when it was really…
      – He fell out of love with me or got bored with the relationship and didn’t discuss why or tell me immediately when he felt that way. He doesn’t have enough emotional connection with me to have the motivation to continue the relationship.
      -He didn’t follow up my sickness for 3 fucking days, he claimed he cares but his actions doesn’t . That was a critical time for HIM to care and he was not there for me AT ALL.
      -He doesn’t value my time and is not affectionate. He doesn’t care about making me happy in any way.
      -He took my nice birthday gift knowing that he didn’t want me, might be same reason below…
      -He let me pay a lot of money for a hotel, possibly to get me back for “not being generous ” in the past when I was buying him gifts and planning nice things for us to show my appreciation.
      -He demands to be spoilt cos I live at home and have money? He demands I be a suck up to his family
      -He’s image/class oriented and says “90k p/a job is not that great”
      -What is this false hope bs, saying we should travel or maybe we will get back together cos it happened with his friends.
      -He’s so afraid of being the “bad guy” and confrontation. Weak.
      -Why does he want to keep in contact with me? To feel less guilty? cos he doesn’t give a fuck? Cos he just sees me “as a friend”? Doesn’t make sense. He broke my heart. He’s so mean, cold and heartless.

      He doesn’t deserve a girl like me with a true and good heart… I’m way too nice and too soft :/
      Despite ALL this shit I still love him… Fuck!

      Lessons I have learnt:
      – take it slow. Know each other and be friends for while to learn about each other first
      – if I don’t feel something’s right open my mouth and question it IMMEDIATELY
      – listen to my gut instinct
      – be more assertive, be nice but have your boundaries and standards
      – guys keep tabs on who pays more
      – don’t let a guy disrespect you, he’s not worth my time or effort
      – don’t stay friends with an ex, if he genuinely cares me he will come back himself no matter what I said
      – Asian guys parents demand the world for their son… Or a slave girl with a fuck load of money

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