Stuck in friends with benefits with ex

Holy shit Im actually going to explode soon.

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      Holy shit Im actually going to explode soon.
      Me and this guy have been friends with benefit for awhile and we have sex quite often. We used to date but now we’re just fuck buddies and it’s so frustrating because I know I should cut my losses and get over him instead of hoping he’ll somehow change his mind an get back with me or something? I mean, I enjoy having sex with him and he’s incredibly attractive but I feel so used and I just can’t bring myself to do the right thing and stop this ‘thing’ going on between us because he’s obviously just using me for sex now. I legitimately hate the male species so much right now, Im so frustrated and annoyed and upset.

      I have no idea how guys can just fuck girls and not feel anything because I sure as hell feel so much for this guy. So much confusion and I don’t know if I just miss the intimacy between us or I actually still like him. Ahhh I just want to be a guy so I don’t have to feel so shit.

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      Don’t know if you’re still in this situation or not but if so, I’d advise you to get out while you can – not just because “it’s the right thing” but because potentially the hurt you’re feeling now will be nothing compared to him pulling the rug out from under you when he’s ready.

      All the feelings you’re fostering for him are not returned (at least not on a conscious level that he’s ready to do something about) yet he’s happily exploiting them all the same.

      In this unofficial relationship with all the feels and all the sex you are both ultimately still separate and I guarantee you he considers himself (emotionally, physically and in every other sense) single! This means he’s receptive to approaches made by other people in his daily life and will not even consider you as an afterthought when he meets someone he wants/begins to initiate something with. That is some serious pain right there, believe me. He worshiped your body and made you feel like a Godess but the second that next chick comes knocking he’ll distance himself – maybe by seeming like he’s no longer attracted to you.

      Again serious pain because if the sex was the mainstay of your current connection and your ‘in’ to a re-established ‘ship, no longer having that sway with him will cut your confidence like a motherfucker.

      WHY subject yourself to that????!

      It is not worth it and I wish I’d had someone to point out this possibility to me because it knocked me for six.

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