To hell with her/no wait I’ll deal with it

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      Fucking Pussy mother fucking cunt. Un frikkin real. Married fifteen years, together for twenty. Good, happy, together times until we had a child at ten years. Fast forward ten years after that and I catch a text on her phone that came in on a Sunday from a guy we both know. Jezuss! Suspicions confirmed, my gut was right. For years I’d wondered, even asked her. Some sleuthing and testing of her underwear broke open the wall of denial. Enter marriage counseling, hours of talk, learning new ways to communicate, etc. All designed to get me to bend over really, she never showed any remorse just anger at me for letting it happen. All cut short by my suspicions aroused again, more underwear testing, more denial broken. She swears it’s over between them. Enter divorce counseling. That lasted two sessions, waste of my time really. She’s doing what she wants, no stopping her.

      One year later they’re still at it, full on sexting and fucking whenever they get the chance.. I’m sometimes really pissed it isn’t me! Other times I just roll my eyes at the childish behavior.Truth be told though she really only rated about a 5 on the one to ten scale of fuckworthyness anyway.I knew it from the beginning and jumped all in anyway, telling myself the lie that sex isn’t the only thing that counts in a relationship.
      We’re living together still, no money for a divorce or to move out. It’s a living hell sometimes, and sometimes it’s nice to have her around. Fueled by guilt, she’s actually very good to me. Meals, bills, I’m well taken care of for now. But I sure would rather be getting laid! .

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      shit in her asshole then dump cum in her pussy

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