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      So I met this girl on tinder and wanted to take things a Lil slow. ON first day she comes out as the nice girl who never did anything wrong. Responds to my texts everyday and quick. After going out for couple of dates she ask me to put up a relation ship status on fb. After putting it up she dosent seem much interested responds to texts after hours and lives her own life too many girls night out and no responses. When ever I ask her she is busy with friends and family and she ain’t even working never picks up odd calls. One day I catch her online on fb but does not respond to my text which I sent hours ago. That fucking annoyes me. She sharts having dual standards and like I am virgin be patient with me. Fine bitch so you play guys in part time. 2 month after our break up of 2 month relationship shes got a new bf. Is she crazy hoe? Breaks up on a text and post everything public on fb? Yeah I get it you have a better life bitch stop showing it to me.

      I never call a girl whore but I mean I have had seen bad women but she just seemed to manipulative whore. And it feels good don’t know why?

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      fuck that Dick sucking cum drinking bitch all bitchs need Dick right but we Dont need shit

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      Just ask her to cum over for make up sex one last time and cum all over her face, ass, and tits and she’ll want you again. Not sure why, butt that’s what these girls really want.

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