Why do I put up with this?!

i’ve been dating this guy for about two years now and i used to love him. we really loved each other and we constantly be talking to each other. we both loved weed.

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      i’ve been dating this guy for about two years now and i used to love him. we really loved each other and we constantly be talking to each other. we both loved weed. everything was going great until he got shitload of money from his grandpa. but he mainly spent it on weed, bongs, and stupid subwhofffers(sp?)and completely blew it in 2.5 months. he started to not talk to me on the phone as much and treated me like shit. he stopped taking his meds and now he has a really bad anger problem. he had a good job and he got fired for doing something grimy. he blames me for getting him fired because wanted to go somewhere nice for out 2 year anniversary. i stopped smoking and he kept doing it. even when he didn’t have money to buy some. he constantly calls me a bitch, fat, slut, cheater(never ever ever cheated), retard now that he doesn’t take his pills. he thinks i’m cheating on him because i dress well, i don’t look like a slob, and i just got a cold sore. and he ALWAYS thinks there is someone else. and he blames it on being cheated on in middle school. his friends have no lives. all they do is smoke pot and mooch off of him. i want him to hang out with his old friends. his sister wrote a rude status about me on facebook and says i use him. i don’t! i don’t wanna pay for gas money anymore!! i have dreams. i want to do great things and I want to create a good life for myself. if i have him in my life then i will fail. but is he worth risking everything? he used to be really nice, sometimes he’d pick a flower for me, or go to in n out, make food for each other, or do something classy. now all he wants to do is ‘relax’ (sit in front of the tv and smoke) and he thinks i should be happy just to see him. i don’t smoke and i would rather do something productive than watch tv. why do I put up with this? i can’t stand his friends, the weed( he could smoke it like once a week or when he’s actually stressed out), no job, and he makes me pay for his gas money. i don’t have a job because i’m in school and he’s not. he says he wants to be with me and be with him for the rest of my life but i don’t wanna have to risk everything and then have to put up with his shenanigans. what do I do? do I sit and talk with him? do I go to relationship counselor? or do I just break up with him?

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      let a man- or a woman- treat you poorly. you sound chula, as in beautiful. to have so many goals y to actually follow through with them is a great accomplishment. ser fuerta. he never supports you, financially or emotionally. details in (many of) the concept(s) of love suggest(s) that it be fulfilling and infinite in support and encouragement. i think some would and probably will argue that love es an illusion or a mere idea. i would argue that the same has been said of things tangible and evolutionary. if love really is fantasy, at least fantasize it seamlessly. it’s alright to be a cynic at times, just remember to sulk y then move on. you sound like a smart girl, so it should be no sorprender when i say you need to break up with him. you need someone who appreciates you, and respects you. i hope that from this you take something, or even just feel a little better. (you can probably get a good laugh out of my terrible sentence structure and continuous rambling too :p)

      le deseo suerte.

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      As a guy, you seemed to have a skewed sense of men out there if you put up with this shit. Most men are nowhere near on the level of this lowlife. Dump his ass. You can do better.

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      I have been in a similar relationship. I am guessing that you are in your early twenties? From my experience, there were many times I felt like I had to get out of the relationship but I honestly thought I couldn’t live without him. And then I started to ask myself questions like how many more years of this should I put up with? Is this fair to me?
      Eventually, I left his ass and it was the best thing I could ever have done, but I did it when I was ready. My advice is to try to look into yourself as much as possible as you are your greatest resource. Ask yourself those important questions. Best of luck to you.

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      First of all you need to realize that weed is illegal to possess and smoke. After you realize that you need to realize that you are fucking stupid for doing drugs and dating a man that does drugs. You don’t date a person that is taking meds to control anger. That is the type of shit you should ask on the third date. you dump him and go find yourself a better person.

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