Younger guy screwed me over!!! Rant :p

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      Soo….I turned 30 last year and after years of failed relationships including a failed thing last summer, decided to give myself some time out. Made a new group of friends 🙂 and decided to start socialising more. Out of the blue met a guy in a local bar (he worked there) in the town that I lived. He flirted with me (last Halloween night) whilst he was working and I didn’t think much more of it. A week later I went in for a couple of drinks with my friend and I got a little drunk and kissed this guy over (yes-over) the bar. We swapped numbers after he came back to mine that night (nothing happened) and the next day he text and asked me out for dinner. I agreed. We both knew he was moving away in about a months time (December) to work for ski season abroad, but I think we both thought it would just be fun to go out. We went on a date and really hit it off (even though I was concerned about the age thing) but I’m often told I look younger and he was very deep, insightful, intuitive and really tall for his age…so he didn’t seem 24 whatsoever-more an old soul in a 24 year olds body! He stayed over at mine and we stayed up till the very early hours talking about deep and incredible stuff. The next date he came round to mine and cooked for me from scratch…really good cooking! And we watched a film (his favourite film that he brought round on dvd) and he went home. As he left he shouted ‘love you!’ From the end of my pathway. I was so shocked. I text him saying what?! And he was like I know it’s too early but I really mean it. We then saw each other a couple more times and then he left for ski season. He promised to come round and see me before he left (having cancelled another date due to a sickness bug) but on the day he was supposed to come round he (after lots of texting from me asking if he actually was coming round) text me to say….he couldn’t do it….if he came round to see me then he wouldn’t get on the plane and he was already worrying about missing his family etc…he said he couldn’t risk falling for me anymore as he was having second thoughts about going. I was upset…but tried to be understanding. When he was away on ski season he said he wasn’t going to be with any other girls. But his communication was terrible! Even though we are friends on fb. He messaged me out of the blue one night saying he missed me and everything about me and sexted me a few times….but that was about it. We fell out a little by messaging (after he accused me of being ‘the most negative influence in his life’ when all I had done was ask for more communication. That was late December-I then started seeing someone new in January (that didn’t work out for its own reasons) and this guy came back in February…..early from ski seasons due to ‘family problems’ at home. He sent me a huge apology message through face book immediately and we got chatting again. He went back to the bar to work and said he was going to take me out on a date again when he got paid… But I had a couple of wines one night and decided to message him and say that he shouldn’t commit to me and commitment was a trap etc as I know he loves travelling abroad to work. He said that ‘he only travels to get away from himself, his feelings and situations’ (he smoked a lot of pot btw) and that how did I know that he didn’t want to stay round here and settle down with me and he wanted to ‘be the person to hold my hand when I was sad and wake up with every day’ which was sweet. However, a week later I messaged him and this time…he said he was going abroad again at the end of the summer and travelling next winter again too. I messaged him after that through fb but he didn’t respond… However when I went into his bar with my cousin he brought two free drinks over immediately and texted me to say ‘you look stunning tonight’ talk about mixed messages! Since then I went to the bar with my friends last week and two individual friends said to me that he kept on coming over and staring at me and at one point was following me with his gaze as I walked off somewhere. The next night he told my friend that he was actually leaving again in a week as he was so miserable because of family stuff and in general. Yet this weekend (my 31st birthday weekend) I went into the bar with friends and he was working there!!!!! He gave my friend a birthday drink to give to me. Yet I have messaged him since Saturday night and he doesn’t respond to messages whatsover! Maybe I’m being naive or maybe he’s really screwed up and doesn’t know what he wants but wow…talk about mixed messages. It sucks.

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      And here we have more proof that a woman will do anything and put up with anything for a guy she finds hot (deeper connection be dammed). Man you broads are fucking stupid.

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