Frequently Asked Stupid Questions.

Got stupid questions you want answered? Well, then this is your lucky day!

1. What are your qualifications? Frankly, none. But when you’re having a problem, you ask everyone you know for an opinion, right? Might as well get ours, too. Besides, we were born with an uncanny sixth-sense for understanding relationships.

2. Is your advice any good? If it works, sure. Hell, it’s great advice even if it doesn’t work. Besides, it’s fucking free.

3. Why should I ask YOU for advice? First of all, if you’ve come this far, you have something that’s bothering you. So you might as well see what we have to say. Also, there is probably someone else out there who can relate. Or, you may help them to feel better about themselves because your life is much more messed up than theirs is. Again, did we mention it’s free?

4. Are you into nurturing one’s inner child, hug therapy or daily affirmations? Yeah, who thinks up that crap? (You have permission to flame us mercilessly if you ever see terms like “sharing,” or “just do it for you.”) We’ll give you real life answers, not sissy psycho-babble. (Unless of course, the sissy psycho-babble is extremely funny.)

5. Why are you really doing this? To connect more people in the hopes of making the world a happier and therefore less violent and difficult place to live.

6. No seriously, why are you doing this? We’ve had this idea for several years now and the web allows us a cheap way to try it. And if it works, we can sell advertising on the site and quit our day jobs.