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      So we broke up about 2-3 weeks ago and it hurts like hell. So ive been scouring the net trying to find some tips on how to lessen the pain. What Ive found is a lot of sites giving you tips on how to win her back…does it work though?

      They tell you a lot about reverse psychology and going against ‘conventional thinking’ like, telling her youre ok with the break up and your happy about it…and not contacting her for months just to show youre over her….does it work though? Im in a really shitty place right now and I dont know if I should focus on moving on or spending my energy with these ‘tips’ and trying to win her back….Ive already done some things that are out of character for me like showing up at her work after she told me off and said ‘stop fucking calling me’ (even though i went just to say goodbye) as you can see im dissapointed with myself and now realize I need to either move on or do the things to get her back …plus I think she’s in a new relationship which just drives me even more crazy ….

      any advise would help me

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      Wow your situation is freakishly similar to mine. I did all the same mistakes at the beginning and I spent endless hours researching all that reverse psychology shit too, I even bought one of those getting your ex back scam books (it’s actually not too bad, the advice inside).

      I’m kind of in your shoes. Though all of our friends are involved, she is with someone new and I can’t even hang around any of my mates because they are always there and no one wants me to start up any drama. It’s completely fucked.

      My only advise would be to cry, rage and go fucking mental for a while, you wont sleep or eat or waste a breath without her on your thoughts. It happens… I’m not at the stage where it gets easier but I know it does dude, hang in there man you’re not alone in this shit, stand strong in the thought that there are others who are suffering just as bad.

      This isn’t to justify what you’re feeling but to remind you that you are normal and that this is all happening to you for a reason, it’s a big kick in the face. We go through this shit so that our future mates can be fucking awesome, we see through the shit. Don’t give up the fact that you may still run into each other one day and things will go differently, never say never this world is insane, this universe does some fucking crazy shit you never know.

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      nothing gets you over your last like your next.

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      If she said “stop fucking calling her”, stop fucking calling her, she sounds like a bitch and it sounds like she was just screwing around with you in the first place, using abusive wording at you just proves she doesn’t care, get over this girl and once you are feeling better, trust me you will eventually, find someone deserving of your love, because there is no future with this one… only if things were to go wrong with this new guy and there was no one else in the picture for her, would she perhaps even think about returning. I am a girl, i know how these bitches are, i had a lot of girls like this as friends once and i was disgusted by them all.. Girls like these are born this way and trust me she didn’t break up with you until she had another sucker lined up, there’s nothing you could of done.

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