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this girl 2 years ago this girl and i met on a school trip. she lives about 5 hours awway.

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      this girl 2 years ago this girl and i met on a school trip. she lives about 5 hours awway. we talked for about 7 months and then decided maybe this was something and despite the distance, it was worth trying. we dated from then till now with 3 breaks along that course. we got really really close, the trust, feeling shes the one, and everyhting that everyone thinks. i just dont think ill ever meet a girl so perfectly matched and she says the same. then she called me a couple nights ago saying there is this guy (who ill call Joe for the sake of the story) who she likes. She has been at this camp with her female friend, that girls guy friend, and this joe guy. My ex’s friend and her friends little guy friend flirted and acted like they liked each other. I know my ex’s friend well so i asked if my ex was over flirty or anything and she said absolutely not. and so i saw pictures on facebook of my ex giving him a piggy ride and yeah i got mad but i thought whatever, maybe just mindless fliritng and so thought nothing of it later. me and my ex were always honest with each other and thats what made it easier. especially being long distnace…. i treated her amazingly and im one of those nice types of guys…..

      well then she calls me the other night like i said telling me how she lies him. ofcourse this came as a shock, but also not so much. she said it would be wrong for her to keep dating me knowing she liked him and all and i talked to a close friend that told me its better to not be in a relationship than to be in one where the person isnt in 100%… it made sense and so i agreed that maybe this was all the right decision on my ex’s part.

      She has done this in the past with two other guys and both times came back after not too long and realized how much she messed up. I honestly think she meant it and maybe it was the stress of not seeing me she just needed some time to do whatever. I dont know….

      Well now im in that situation again and i dont know what to do. I know she cares about me and i think she truly loves me and i understand that long distance is hard and at times ive wanted to breakup too and just breathe but im very good at dealing with problems and i fought through. IM hoping it;ll be like last time and she’ll come back shortly and realize that she fucked up but there are a few things bothering me…

      first, this guy seems better than the last guys and he actually resembles a lot of me.. which is scary. so maybe there is a better chance they will work out. second, if she does come back, should i take her? i really do love this girl and i believe she loves me and i don’t think i could live with myself knowing i let her go if she comes back and i say no… but at the same time maybe i should have a talk and say that im not putting up with this anymore or anything. … i just need some feedback. She still calls me and talks to me and doesn’t try to fuck with my feelings and actually says we shouldnt’ talk about it but still makes sure im okay and said she still wants me in her life as her bestfriend and says she doubts ill even want to talk to her and she understands because she admits shes put me through hell on all of our breakups/breaks but she said she hopes we meet later in life she just cant handle long distance right now.

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      Well, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be an ass, and the girls is pretty okay too, since she doesn’t screw around with you, and tells you the truth. However, you, most likely, don’t love her. To love someone, they have to love you back, and if she REALLY would love you (I’m not saying she doesn’t like you a lot), she wouldn’t go for the other guy.

      Distance relationships are always a pain, and they -mostly- don’t work out. I’ve been reading about relationships for ages now, but I can tell you one thing that I learned from my past (failed) relationship. There is no rule. There is no right, or wrong in your situation.

      My girl cheated on me (made out with another guy), and called me right after, apologizing, and I was in the dilemma, should I take her back or not? I went with my heart – I took her back. EVERYONE said it was a stupid idea, and the relationship really did end 2 months after that. However, I will never, EVER regret those extra 2 months we’ve had.

      So what I’m saying is, do what feels right for you.

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      Find somebody else to fuck. She will keep doing this to you until you end it. You sound young. just look for somebody to fuck and forget about the shit called love. In time you’ ll find it doesn’t really exist.

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