How not to encourage women to have sex with you.

Getting a woman to have sex with you isn’t easy, but it’s not that difficult either if you avoid huge, obvious red-flag errors. The huge, obvious red-flag errors that even a clueless 26-year old should’ve seen coming.

A prude on posted that she got a spreadsheet from her husband at her work email detailing the times she’d denied her husband sexual intercourse in the last month or two.

Many commenters on the web responded by calling the guy out for being a whiny, immature bitch. But it’s not that he was wrong — only having sex with the man you swore eternal love to 3 times in 7 weeks is total fucking bullshit — it’s just that he went about trying to get sex the absolute worst way.

Frankly, no one really responds to that sort of passive-aggressive shit, least of all, women. And, because women aren’t legally required to have sex with their husbands, he doesn’t really have an ace up his sleeve if she tells him to fuck off.

But we feel his pain. He’s in kind of a bind, right? If he tries to cheat on her or go to a hooker, society (and a bunch of cops and divorce lawyers) will jump all over his ass. If a wife doesn’t fuck her husband, how else is he supposed to get laid?

No, seriously. We’re looking for answers here. If you’ve got one, put it in the comments.

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