Learn the surprising secret to dating men out of your league.

Ladies, are you tired of dating losers just because you’re a loser, too? Good news! Now, science nerds have figured out the shocking secret to getting more attention from guys who wouldn’t normally give the time of day to a hag like you.

In the book “Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking),” the author identifies some interesting correlations that can help women appear more attractive to men (without getting breast implants).

It seems that women on dating sites who are rated either Awesome (5-stars) or Horrible (1-star) get more action than women who are rated Average (3-stars). 

According to a nice summary over at

In any group of women who are all equally good-looking, the number of messages they get is highly correlated to the variance: from the pageant queens to the most homely women to the people right in between, the individuals who get the most affection will be the polarizing ones. And the effect isn’t small—being highly polarizing will in fact get you about 70 percent more messages. That means variance allows you to effectively jump several “leagues” up in the dating pecking order— for example, a very low-rated woman (20th percentile) with high variance in her votes gets hit on about as much as a typical woman in the 70th percentile.

Having haters somehow induces everyone else to want you more. People not liking you somehow brings you more attention entirely on its own.

This is why total bitches are so attractive to the men you dream about. It’s just more proof that trying to be someone you’re not is a fool’s errand. 

In other words, being extraordinarily attractive is a matter of receiving, as Rudder puts it, “lots of Yes, lots of No, but very little Meh.”

So to get the most out of dating sites, you should just be your most authentic, offensive, and horrible self. 

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