Man stupidly fakes his own death before marriage (instead of after).

How can you tell if someone truly loves you? Well, you could ask them. Or you could stalk them. Or you could hire a private detective. Or you could use a lie detector. Or you could do what this sick bastard did.

There’s no more definitive way to tell if your significant other loves you than to show them how they’d feel if you suddenly weren’t around, right? That’s what Alexey Bykov thought.

So this Russian man used actors, stuntmen and a film director to credibly fake his own death in a car crash. He hoped to make his fiancé “realise how empty her life would be … and how life would have no meaning without me.” said the mentally balanced, non-control freak.

Sure, it sounds like an episode of Punk’d, but even the Punk’d producers aren’t that fucked up. No, it takes a real piece of work to put a loved one through all that “as a joke.”

Hilarious. I can only imagine how she’ll get him back…probably by staying married to him.

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