What if women catcalled men? Probably not this.

Buzzfeed will get a lot of likes and shares for its turn-about-is-fair-play video called, If We Lived In A World Where Women Catcalled Men…” — hell, even guys will share it because the jokes ring true — just not for the reasons women would probably like. 

Presented as a sort of a “feminist manifesto against male patriarchy,” this video asks the age-old question: “How would YOU men like to be treated as a sex object?!” But rather than “putting the shoe on the other foot,” the video just makes women look bad. The unspoken message is: “See how stupid and unrealistic the needs of women are? Hilarious!”

None of these catcalls are upsetting or even mean-spirited — so any guy with an active penis would respond, “Okay! Let’s fuck! Your place or mine?!” Most men love to be objectified as sex objects, especially since the women in the video are attractive (well, enough). 

If the producer’s wanted this video to convey the female experience, they should’ve used repulsive women saying, “Hey, you look like you’d enjoy being tied down and ass-raped by a huge dildo!” or “Hey, stud, I’d really like to squat on your face and take a shit into your mouth,” or something equally offensive like that.

Sure, it wouldn’t be as funny, but it’d be more comparable. And wasn’t that the whole point of making the video…?

Watch it for yourself below:

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