Are beautiful women trying to “trick” men?

A recent survey of men certainly bolsters the claim that women are sneaky bitches tricking men into marriage and fatherhood. But are women really that calculating?

If you’ve ever seen an attractive woman out in public then, chances are, she was wearing makeup. But have you ever wondered why women spend hours learning how to paint their faces with costly, toxic substances? What drives that type of compulsive behavior? And is the behavior benign or malicious?

According to women, wearing makeup is no big deal. But in a recent survey on the website, researchers learned that 63% of men think women mainly wear makeup to trick people into thinking they’re attractive. Yet only 30% of women think men grow beards to trick women into thinking they’re attractive (still, that’s a disturbing number of women who are into hipsters). 

No, the real truth about why women wear makeup is much sadder than the number of women who tolerate boyfriends that dress like lumberjacks and ride penny-farthing bicycles.

Women have used makeup to enhance their beauty for centuries, if not eons. Hell, even cavewomen used powders and dyes to adorn their faces and bodies—just look on the cover of any “Cro-Magnon Weekly” magazine.

And there are a lot of evolutionary reasons why women wear makeup:

  • Foundation evens the skin tone, an indicator of health and symmetry
  • Eye makeup mimics features of youthfulness, such as large eyes
  • Blush and lipstick indicate sexual arousal and/or viability

Yet women don’t wear it to “trick” men, they wear makeup to trick themselves. By wearing makeup, women can fool themselves into thinking they’re more attractive than they really are, giving them more confidence out in the world.

It’s just like the way guys work out at the gym until they can barely move, or go into debt to drive a super expensive car they can’t afford—all to hide the belief that they’re deeply flawed, unlovable people on the inside (ironically, just like everyone else).

So makeup isn’t an attempt to trick men. It’s simply an attempt to bolster a woman’s self-confidence so that she can feel justified when rejecting guys like you.

Feel better now? Glad we could clear that up.

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