Book debunks myth that females don’t like sex (30 years too late).

A writer wants you to believe that “Women want sex, but men don’t want them to know it,” implying that men are the cause of all women’s sexual problems. And that, left to their own devices, women would act more like men, and flourish as the more sexual…um, sex.

The writer bases this conclusion on Daniel Bergner’s bold new book, “What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire” which apparently threatens to debunk Society’s long-held myths about females that:

women are not visual creatures; that their sex drive is lower than men’s; that they’re aroused by love, not sex; and that they’re naturally fitted to be sexual objects, not agents.

But myths or not, the men and women most like to benefit from these new discoveries in female biology are already psychologically scarred and damaged, most likely, beyond repair. These old — and ostensibly wrong — ideas about female sexuality are nonetheless already pretty damn established.

You can’t very well tell a woman who’s grown up feeling she can’t be sexual that she now can be and expect her to turn into a total whore overnight (if only that were the case…). As it stands now, for whatever reasons, women simply don’t want sex as much as guys.

Hey, we’re not debating the science — only how much good the science does for anyone who’s already past the age of puberty.

If you’re a woman or a man raised with preconceptions that minimize female sexuality, what good does it do you to know about it now? Not much, frankly, because awareness of a problem doesn’t guarantee a solution. After all, smokers know cigarettes are dangerous, but they still smoke.

So while “What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire” is a worthwhile study to share with your female offspring (if you ever find someone to reproduce with), there’s not a lot of real-world value in it to you and the losers you’re stuck dating now.


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