Can heteros learn anything about relationships from gays?

Now that gays can finally get married (well, in most states at least), will they have to face the same aneurism-causing frustration and libido-stultifying boredom as us straights? The answer may surprise you.

So what can straight couples learn from gay couples? In a word, nothing. Nope, not a thing. Nada. Why? Because gays are exploiting a loophole in the relationship code.

The problems most hetero couples have aren’t because they’re bad at having relationships, it’s because they’re bad at having them with an entirely different sex.

Most people have no problem sustaining same-sex friendships for decades, if not longer. It’s only when you throw in the opposite sex that things go to shit.

Having a straight relationship is like having a relationship with someone who follows a different religion or comes from a different culture — at a very fundamental level, each suspects the other person is full-on insane.

A gay relationship (from the sounds of it), seems way easier. Here are six observations from British sexpert, Tracey Cox:

  1. [Gay people are] not hung up on male or female stereotypes of who should do what in a relationship.
  2. They fight fair
  3. They’re more experimental sexually
  4. They’re happy to show and tell
  5. They don’t have to deal with the in-laws
  6. They don’t get hung up on porn

Can you even imagine a hetero relationship where couples did any of those things?! Not a chance.

So are gays better at relationships than heteros? How could they not be, they’re totally f#@&!!ing cheating!

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