Christian online dating site follows the old adage, “Blasphemy sells!”

It takes a special kind of delusion to suggest that the Almighty Lord of Everything works his magical mystery through an online dating site. But then again, it takes that same kind of delusion to believe that Jesus was the son of a virgin, too.

We, like the Washington Post, were pretty damn shocked by's assertion that anyone can “Find God’s Match for You” on their exclusionary dating site (well, as long as he/she is Christian).

That’s a pretty ballsy claim for a company that also owns

On the one hand, Sparks Network is spending a cool US$30 million to curry favor with fans of God’s only begotten son. On the other hand, they’re still trying to find mates for Dad’s “Chosen People.”

I mean, which is it, Sparks Network? Stop hedging your bets and pick a side!

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