Life’s getting better, despite what religious fear-mongers say.

Listen to religious leaders these days and it’s easy to think that the world is going to hell and that everything sucks. (Mostly because that’s what they WANT you to think.) But you’d only be half right. Yes, everything sucks. Get over it.

The world, however, is decided not going to hell (for starters, because there is no hell). In fact, I’d hazard a guess that the world is headed somewhere else entirely.

A recent Pew Research Center report found that one third of US adults under 30 have no religious affiliation — that’s amazing! Better yet, they’re “much more likely to be unaffiliated than previous generations…”

Yeah, so? What does that mean? It means fewer people will be raised by sexually repressed parents who think abstinence works. Fewer people will be fucked up by religious guilt. Fewer people will think sex is wrong, dirty and only for procreation. And fewer people will try to pass laws about what you do behind closed doors.

So what does THAT mean? It means that life is going to be a whole lot better. To see how much better, watch Dusty Smith’s profanity-filled video (and be sure to absorb the moral of the story: “Don’t fuck idiots.”)

Sure, there are some very nice, caring people associated with religions, but I’d argue that those same people would be nice and caring people even without religion. Religion isn’t the basis for morals and it doesn’t make people behave better (read: “The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values”). Organized religion is a manipulative, abusive lobbying group for its own regressive agenda that deludes its followers into behaving in ways that are truly unnatural (no masturbation?!)

So the sooner we, as a global society, get rid of antiquated, myth-based bullshit, the better life will be for all of us.

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