Masturbation: What women are doing wrong.

Though people have been masturbating since the dawn of time, women have only started getting comfortable with it in recent decades. They’ve made great strides, but there’s at least one area where men blow them away.

And that one area is “talking about masturbation.” Thanks to some great strides in recent years, men now openly boast about rubbing one out, whacking it, jacking off, or any of a hundred hilarious euphemisms.

Women are lagging behind in “masturbation euphemism” department. Most of the terms or phrases they currently use are too cutesy or offensive (to them, mostly). Luckily, some seemingly bored chicks have taken up the challenge and made a video about this very serious problem.

If you’re female and want to use something better than “flicking the bean,” have a look at this video. And if you have better euphemisms, add them in the comments below.

If you’re male, you probably don’t care and have better shit to do.

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