Single people: Tired of smug married people making you feel like shit?

Most Americans think that if you’re not married, engaged, or engaged to be engaged, then you’re some kind of Communist or Satan-worshipper bent on destroying the moral fabric of the country. But most Americans are shit-heads.

Sadly, the United States is a big country, and that means it has lots of shit-heads in it. So, if you’re over 30, female and not married, you might want to move to the Netherlands (see how the Dutch really aren’t all that different from us). Judging from this article, folks there aren’t so “judge-y” about people not being married:

It seemed like a crazy American thing for marriage to matter so much. To [the Dutch], this obsession, this nagging necessity for weddings, the lack of general acceptance toward other pretty common ways of living, is so foreign, so uniquely American, such a quaint narrowness, that it’s incomprehensible as an actual mode of modern life.

Despite what religious conservatives would have you believe — “not being married is a sin against God’s awesome plan!” — marriage is really just a good way to keep you “in the flock,” guaranteeing that you’ll be guilted into having kids and then raise them in your religion increasing their donation-base and further cementing their power and influence.

But the reality is, more and more Americans are opting out of marriage for whatever reason: Most babies born to women under 30 are born to single mothers, and only 51 percent of American adults are even married.

That’s bad news for fans of traditional marriage, but it’s great news for sanity — the less marriage is seen as the end goal for all humans, the more people can live the way they want and not feel like they’re any weirder than they are (which is pretty damn weird already, I mean, look in the mirror).

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