What to do with a rejected diamond engagement ring.

If the girl of your dreams just rejected your marriage proposal, count yourself lucky — you dodged a bullet. But that still leaves you with a tainted diamond engagement ring. So what do you do with it? Here are a few ideas. 

We here at the don’t like diamonds for a variety of reasons, least of which is that diamonds are a total effing scam. But let’s assume you already bought into the diamond cartel’s marketing bullshit and — having just had your heart ripped from your chest — now have three-months of blood, sweat, and income tied up in a shiny goddamn rock.

What to do with an unwanted diamond ring:

  • Use it in bars to get sympathy sex by telling women your fiancé died in a freak potato farming accident
  • Use it to engrave tiny words on her car’s windows (likely illegal, check local laws/ordinances)
  • Throw it in a lake — after all, it’s essentially worthless on the resale market, so fuck it

However, we recently read about a couple of new companies that help people get more of their money back when their engagement goes south.

If you take the diamond back to the jewelry store where you bought it, they might give you store credit for the full amount if you’re lucky. More likely, they’ll offer to buy it back for less than half the price, or worse. 

After 35-year-old mortgage broker Steven Sherman and his fiancee broke up last year, he kept the 1.7-carat diamond engagement ring he had bought for $8,000. The jeweler who sold it to him offered $2,800 to take it back.

Now you have a better option than selling it on eBay or putting it up on Craigslist. A new company called “I do, now I don’t” is an option for dumping your diamond without getting totally fucked over (again).

Basically, IDNID acts as a third-party broker between sellers and buyers. You post your ring on their site and when someone wants to buy it, you send the ring to IDNID who checks it for authenticity and holds the funds from the buyer in escrow until the deal is finalized and everybody’s happy. 

But don’t get your hopes up, because diamonds have no actual real value and depreciate faster than a new Chevy Impala. Best case scenario, you’re looking at getting 50%-70% of your investment back — it’s not ideal, but it’s cheaper than getting a divorce had she said “Yes.” So there’s that. 

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