Read our book, “A Guy’s Guide To Getting Some.”

It’s dating advice from the editors of

Life’s too short to waste your prime humping years pumping your dick.

Face facts, if you don’t figure out what makes women tick soon, you’ll be old, ugly, and have to work even harder to get your dick wet. So sort that shit out now…while you still have hair.

Inside our 189-page dating manual, you’ll learn:

Relationshit's 'A Guy's Guide To Getting Some' eBook.
  • How to survive getting dumped
  • How to find new women
  • How to meet and speak to women
  • How to date lots of women
  • How to please women sexually
  • And a lot more…

Bold claims, to be sure, but our amazing book supports every one of them.

It’s more than just dating advice, it’s goddamn enlightenment.

The second edition of our first book, “A Guy’s Guide To Getting Some,” doesn’t just give you tips and tricks, it teaches you concepts—such as how women think and what drives them towards certain kinds of men (and away from dudes like you). Once you’re exposed to these insights, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing to scare women away faster than a cluster of spiders.

Reading this book will improve your odds of getting laid.*

*This is NOT a guarantee because there are NO guarantees in life. Results may vary. Consult your doctor if swelling persists.


We’re not promising you anything (legally), but we’re confident that the knowledge contained in this book can help you minimize relationshit, and stop repelling women with what passes for your “personality.”

(NOTE: There’s nothing we can do about your looks, because “A Guy’s Guide To Getting Some” is only a book, not your goddamn fairy Godmother.)

Get critical dating insights like:

  • What you’re doing wrong with women
  • How to be the kind of man women like
  • How to know if a woman really likes you
  • How to talk to a real woman
  • How to tell if you should marry her
  • How to tell if you should dump her
  • And a fuckload more…

Every insight and observation within these pages will help you get further down the path to PoundTown.

Dumped? This book will make you want to go on living.

Relationshit's 'A Guy's Guide To Getting Some' eBook.

Has your world come to an end? If you wailed “Yeeeeessssss” through a torrent of tears, you’ll want to BUY. THIS. BOOK. NOW! Don’t wait another second—the first section alone will set you straight and speed up your recovery by months, if not decades. Our book’s brutal truths will both open your eyes and make them tear up with laughter (you remember laughing, right?) If you don’t, buy our book now!

It’s cheaper than an hour with a real psychologist.

To get this kind of mental help elsewhere, you’d have to pay $300/hr to a qualified psychiatrist, attend weekly sessions, and spill your emotional guts while she secretly draws mocking stick-figure images of you on her note pad. Luckily, there’s an easier way—just download our book now and use the extra money you saved to pay for all the new paternity suits you’ll soon be involved in. (Fingers-crossed, amiright?!)

Now updated with Internet shit!

Relationshit's 'A Guy's Guide To Getting Some' eBook.

When we wrote the original “Guy’s Guide” back in 1997, the Internet didn’t even exist. Sure, it took us a while to get around to updating it, but we’ve finally released “A Guy’s Guide To Getting Some,” the latest version of our hilarious original book about relationshit.

It’s been updated to fix typos, grammar, and punctuation, as well as including tips for creating mobile dating app profiles that will get you swiped right. Learn how to look good on Bumble, Hinge, Clover, Tinder, Happn, as well as Match, OkCupid, Zoosk, J-Date, Huggle, Hater, AdultFriendFinder, and even Grindr—because, hey, who are we to judge?

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Relationshit's 'A Guy's Guide To Getting Some' eBook.

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