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“Going thru a rough time of it with the soon to be ex-wife and found your article today titled “Five stages of grief.” Never ever have I laughed so hard nor has anyone ever been so dead on target as to the reality of it all. Whoever wrote this is now officially my hero … I will never again look at a breakup the same way and the ability to simply ‘cowboy up’ about it all will now come much easier.” — Mark/Miami, FL
“This material covered it all, and is pretty STRAIGHT to the point …
This shit is E X A C T L Y 100% accurate.” — Anonymous psych major
“Lets say, if relationship guides were on internet women, this one would be the most ideal woman.” — Anonymous confused person
“I read the whole guide, and it was very good. Great advice. In addition, it is very well written (hilarious comments). I think this will help me in future relationships.” — PureClass
“Magnum Opus, guys!! So astonished by the quality of y’all smooth, soulful & honest work here! Relationshit.com is the shiaattt!!” — Nathan E.
“Wow! I have never seen such an awesome website on relationships.” – Anonymous
“This place should be required reading for everybody…and big thanks to the people that started relationshit!” — GNX547
“I found this site and i am so happy about 20 minutes ago I was depressed and wallowing in my own self pity now all I want to to do, enjoy my singleness and enjoy the time I have to my self. Thanks!” – Anonymous